Chasing the ‘holy-grail’ of Ecuador: Cheap beachfront property, part 1 of 3



What if you only had 5 days to look for cheap beachfront property in Ecuador?
And you were only interested in something front line, I mean right on the ocean.
You want to walk out the front of your house and be able to wiggle your toes in the sand.
You know, something that would cost millions in California, New Jersey or even Costa Rica.
A block back… no good… not interested… and you got a LOW budget, you want something small just for you, I’m talking $20k or less.
You can’t dick around.
You’d be wasting your valuable time going somewhere like Olon, Montanita or Canoa where prices have already jumped in recent years and there is little to no front-line beachfront availability.
I’d start in these 3 places that stand out in my mind as the ‘top three opportunity’ areas right now in July of 2013.
3 undiscovered places on the coast where you can still find that holy grail, or in other words really cheap, yet desirable, undiscovered beachfront property.
You can always buy one or two blocks back…  But let’s face it, front-line beachfront property is a limited commodity.

And the first town in this series, the one I reveal to you today is where i found the one I bought the 500m2 front-line beachfront lot a few months ago for $4300.
Of course, these are not the only places in Ecuador with cheap beachfront.
And big lots with cheap ‘per meter’ values can be had all up and down the coast particularly between the towns, but you are still looking at a several hundred thousand dollar investment with those larger lots.  So that’s not what im talking about with these three picks.
These 3 picks are a good place to start for someone looking to spend a few thousand bucks to have their own piece of the beach, a slab maybe big enough for a house with a small yard.  Maybe 500m2 or so.
They’re completely undiscovered, and this is probably the first time you’ve even heard them mentioned… anywhere!
Over the last 2 years I’ve witnessed places like Montanita, Playas, Canoa, Ayampe and Ballenita jump in beachfront prices.  Could these 3 be next?
Here is my first pick to find CHEAP beachfront property (over the next week you’ll get the next two picks in this series):  

“Where?”  You might say.
Maybe I have you scrambling for a map.
Don’t worry, if this town wasn’t put on your house-hunting itinerary you’re not the only one!
This town is south of Salinas and north of Playas, almost right inbetween.

You didn’t know there was a town between those two?  Well, there is, its just not well known and certainly not touristy.

To date almost zero foreigners have bought here.  Ok one if you count me.  This is where I found that 500m2, $4300 beachfront lot (that has proper title).
Chanduy is a fishing village, with a large fishery on the far end of town.
There’s one little hostal in town only open on (some) weekends.
Its about 45 minutes from the boardwalk of Salinas, or 30 minutes from the big malls and shopping of Santa Elena.
It’s a dusty,dry, rather vacant town on one of the sunniest stretches of beach in Ecuador.  Raw… yes!
The beach is golden, long but not wide, and there is surf, but its better for body surfers than for surfers.
So how has this town remained a completly undiscovered secret being so relatively close to the Salinas area?
Because its out of the way.
It’s not anywhere near the main coastal road like so many towns on the coast of Ecuador.
Its VERY easy to drive past the sign.
You actually have to turn off the highway that connects Guayaquil to Salinas and drive down a shoddy (yet paved) road with some pretty big potholes about 15-20 minutes just to get to the town and the beach.
The going price for most lots seem to be around $10-20 per m2 and that can even be for a beachfront smallish lot for a single family residence.
Does this place have potential?
Well the location is great, less than a half hour from amendities and shopping malls (in Santa Elena near Salinas).

And less than two hours from an international airport in Guayaquil (GYE).

Its also one of the sunniest, least humid beaches in all of Ecuador.
The locals are friendly but not very used to the sight of foreigners.
And its not a big place so with just a couple dozen foreigners buying in the price could really move.  But it won’t happen overnight.  I see this as a good 1-3 year investment.
For pics just Google “Chanduy”.  There’s some decent ones on there.
Can’t say I dont put my money where my mouth is!


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