What are my Cable TV Service Provider Options in Ecuador?

The leading provider of cable TV in Ecuador is a company called TVCable.

Another good service provider is TelMex.

They have stands in most of the major malls in the cities and towns of Ecuador.

You can hire their services quickly and easily…after purchase they will install the service in your house free. With TelMex you can go month to month without the need of a long term contract while TVCable has you sign a contract but you can break whenever you wish with no penalty (but always verify this with your specific sales agent before signing!)

In the case of an early termination, just give back your equipment and that’s it.

The cheapest plan costs is $12.99 for the basic 41 channels, which includes many local channels and Disney, E!, Fox, Discovery, Nickelodeon, TNT, History, ESPN, CNN en espanol, FX.

You can also upgrade your plan for about $10 more and get channels like National Geographic, MGM, and Cinemax.

And for $10 more you could get all the main HBO channels and for $8 more get the Playboy channel.

TV Cable also offers internet and telephone services as well.

Best to inquire about these services in person once in Ecuador.

If you’d like to recommend a different company please do so in the comments below, thanks!

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