How 1 Expat Got Nailed For $1800 Bringing Their Pet To Ecuador


"$1800?" I gasped.  

"Yea, $1800," the guest at my hotel in Quito near the airport continued a few days ago in October of 2015, explaining how he just spent $1800 just in taxes and fees paid to the government to bring his dog to Ecuador.  

This is excluding what he paid to ship the dog here.  

And excluding what he paid a translator/facilitator to help him with the process.  

So, actually, he spent a lot more.  

What was the problem and more specifically, how can you avoid spending this kind of money?

He wrongly brought the dog down over 20 days after he had arrived to Ecuador.  

Big mistake!  

In Ecuador, they consider that an import, with steep taxes incurred to boot.  

While if you bring the pet down with you it's considered a personal item of the traveler.  And if its small enough to carry on, it walks right out with you, no extra fees or taxes, provided you have all the necessary paperwork from the vet and Ecuador consulate.  

Or you could send it as BAGGAGE which drops it right out on the carosel.  Or if its too big you can send it as cargo meaning you'd have to pick it up the next day paying a few nominal fees and showing your boarding pass in a few different offices all near the airport.  

What happened to this guy is United didn't let his dog board the plane when he went to fly, if this happens to you, simply don't come until you can travel with your pet to avoid these elevated taxes.  
I've found United to be VERY picky about letting pets board whereas American and Delta and other carriers are not so problematic.  

He didn't know.  

Now you do!

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