12 must-watch movies to get you hyped for Ecuador

Want to get pumped for an upcoming trip (or move) to Latin America?

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good movie to do the trick.

Here are 12 of my top picks to really get you in the mood for Ecuador (or anywhere south of the border).

12. Yuniol – This hilarious Dominican film is based in Santo Domingo and really does a great job showing the cultural divide that separates the rich and poor in a typical Latin American culture and how the two sides interact and in this case how two college kids interact.  Very entertaining.


man on fire

11. Man on Fire – This Denzel Washington film gives a great look into one of Latin Americas less attractive sides, the kidnapping trade in Mexico.  Still a great movie for the shots of Mexico.



10.  Soñar no cuesta nada – This Colombian film gives an outstanding look into the corrupt side of Latin America (Colombia in particular) when a group of soldiers finds millions buried in the jungle.  Good movie, a great peek into Colombian culture.


get gringo

9. Get the Gringo – This newer Mel Gibson movie is a flick that shows the not-so-commonly-seen side of Mexico from the viewpoint of a gringo inside a jail in Mexico.  Very good movie, highly recommend.


8.  Rosario Tejeras – This classic Colombian film is an outstanding gander into the everyday life of a typical, beautiful, young woman in certain circles in Medellin, Colombia.  Very interesting.


7.  The Motorcycle Diaries – Hard not to get excited about South America when watching this film based on a trip Che Guevara took on motorcycle through South America in his youth.  Played by one of the best, Gael Garcia, this film is another must.


6. María Llena Eres de Gracia – Another excellent Colombian film, this spot gives a very real, unique look into the world of a female drug runner in Colombia.  No mistake about it, drugs have impacted Latin American culture and this film is a great preview.


5. Amores y perros – A Mexican film that is too graphic for most, this movie depicts the underground world of less affluent youth and dogfighting in Mexico.  Still gives an interesting look into mexico Hollywood could never duplicate.


once upon a time
4. Once upon a time in Mexico – OK, now the Hollywood action-movie version of Mexico, this film is still a fun look into what we all dream Mexico to be (and it usually doesn’t dissappoint).


3. El Cantante – A captivating film based on the real life of Salsa singer Héctor Lavoe.  I like this movie mainly for the shots of Puerto Rico and the lively Salsa scene in the Caribbean.


cap ron

2. Captain Ron – Sincethis movie first came out 20 years ago, every time I watch it gets me excited for my next Latin American adventure.  Based on a typical Chicago family caught in the rat-race who drop everythig to go sail the Caribbean in a crappy boat the father inherited from a little known uncle.



1. Blow – My all-time favorite movie with a Latin American connection.  This Johny Depp movie is about an ambitious, North American entrepreneur and how he gets neck deep in the drug trade with Latin America.  OK, so he chose the wrong product (drugs), but it’s still an entertaining and almost motivating flick for entrepreneurs going south of the border.

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