The critical first 2 steps to farming a lot in Ecuador

This week I closed the deal for the lease of the 1 hectare lot near my place which I plan to farm with a soon-to-be-named product later this week (stay tuned!)…

After speaking to my agro-engineer specialist who I plan to work with on this product, the first two critical steps are taking a soil sample and tractoring the land.

For the soil sample he wanted to test the land primarily for percentage of organic material, sandyness of soil, pH and be sure there was not anything hazardous in the mix.

The cost was $45 and it will take 2 weeks to get the results back. We dropped the sample off in Tumbaco in the agro-institute across from the CNT office.

The tractoring has been in three phases.

The first phrase was to drag the lot killing all the weeds. (Rastre). 2 hrs. ($17 per hr)

The next phase was to upheave the lot to get the tired used soil below the better richer soil. 2 hrs. (17 hr)

The last phase was to once again level out the lot by draging it again. 1 hr. $17 per hr.

Total cost $85.

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