1 common mistake that kills the real estate deal in Ecuador

I’ve seen this one a lot in Ecuador. 

In fact, it just happened to me.  

I put an offer in on a property, and it got accepted, immediately.  

And I felt like crap knowing, shoot, I probably could have got it for less.  

And I probably will now back out of the deal.

There are a lot of motivated sellers in Ecuador.  

If you’re a seller don’t commit this mistake… even if the offer sounds great, never accept the first offer as tough as that may be, you’ll make the buyer feel like crap and may decide not to go through with it.  It’s important to make them feel like they got your bottom dollar price. 

And if you’re a buyer in Ecuador… learn that you really should make offers WAY below what you feel comfortable offering based on the asking price.  You never know here.  I’ve seen people offer 50% of asking and get it, other times they don’t budge 1 cent off asking.  

Never know until you try, it’s a bargaining culture!

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