Deal of the Week: Beach House in Ballenita, $38,000

Sorry, this property is no longer being advertised…

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Journeyman Jack Ecuador

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One thought on “Deal of the Week: Beach House in Ballenita, $38,000”

  1. The $38,000 home was an eye-catcher for us poorer folks. Maybe you could enlighten us with some more. I am interested in a home close to the beach-not necessarily on the beach. A garden and trees would be nice-not too far from a good hospital and Medical services and also a place to buy meat and groceries as well as a clothing store. The internet is also important as well as a movie theater or art museum or History museum or a cultural learning facility and a community get together for the local people and a weekend market-place etc. We just want to be able to enjoy our twilight years.

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