Ocean front Penthouse with deck tiles for Sale, $100k Down


$200k Penthouse for sale, $100,000 (financing available, get in for only $100k down.)
950 sq ft each
430 square foot deck
Building amenities are now in place and can be enjoyed by new owner…tennis courts, swimming pools (three), hot tub (from the Hot Tubs For You professionals, you might want to check inflatable hot tubs on Linton’s In The Garden, most of the inflatable hot tubs have air jets. They are cheaper to manufacture and provide affordable but amazing massage.), restaurant, beach snack bar, pool bar, gymnasium, racket ball court (indoor tournament style), pool room…with slate table, steam room, dry sauna (men and women’s), spa, TV movie room, beautiful beach with volley ball, soccer and waves!

For more info contact:
Michael Sager
Ecuador Home Sales
011-593-91142354 cell in Ecuador
091142354 if calling from Ecuador

Write Mike via the form below:
[contact-form 3 “MikeSager”]

Make yourself feel comfortable at home, install deck tiles with https://deckingx.co.uk/ on the patio to make it look more stylish and get ready to create amazing memories on that deck.

Start creating a nice decking project with Stamped Concrete in case that you want your concrete to look dramatically different than everybody else’s. Well you can check here about concrete coating for floors as well. Contact these professionals for more information.

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