Are your Medications Available in Ecuador?

Want to move to Ecuador…but not sure if the meds you need are available here?

For some it would be a nightmare not being able to get a supplement in time of need.

Fortunately, Ecuador is loaded with most of the medications you can find in the U.S.…and many generic knock offs which probably would not be permitted Stateside.

If you’d like to know specifically if your meds are available in Ecuador, how much they currently cost, and where you can find them the cheapest… write me via the contact form and I can find out for you, today!

Thanks, take care, Domenick

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One Response to “Are your Medications Available in Ecuador?”

  1. Ross Goodwin says:

    Hello Domenick,

    I am on hormone replacement therapy. I take Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone via injection. Are these products legal in Ecuador? I presently ship my meds from China to Bermuda.


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