Is this the best rental investment in Ecuador?

Many new expats in Ecuador gaggle over how cheap the rents are here.

Yet are unpleasantly surprised by how pricey the same properties are to purchase.

It’s true. ┬áIt often doesn’t add up.

But there are some opportunities here to make a nice rental return on a purchased property.

So far, I have one of the best returns I have seen in Ecuador renting in Guayaquil short-term.

I keep the place very booked (at least 90% occupancy).

It’s a 1 bedroom suite in a nice building with good location I paid $75,000 to purchase.

After I pay the $123 condo fee and $60 or so monthly electric bill there remains around $1000-1200 a month profit.

And I rent for just around $40-50 a night.

That’s about a 16-19% annual return.

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