160m2 lot 4 blocks from beach in Canoa, $7500

With todays deal I´d like to bring up an important point when looking for property on the coast of Ecuador.

While in many places lots that are front-line beachfront or with a nice view may have already risen in prices, you can still find lots in these same areas 2, 3, or 4 blocks from the beach dirt cheap, like this one, being offered now in Canoa Ecuador Realty, 160m2 (1722ft2) 4 blocks from the town center and the beach for $7500.

The lot is small but its still big enough to have a nice sized 2 story home, and you just might have a view from the second story.

I like Canoa, with the new bridge to Bahia and the new highways finished recently in the area the town has potential.

Plus, its already a tourist hot spot on the north coast and has surfing and hand-gliding (reasons for people to stick around).

With this lot in particular, being right in the town, and knowing Ecuador, I´d visit the lot at all hours and on a weekend to see how the noise level is. It may be fine, it may be too noisy, got to check!

If interested in this lot you can call the owner direct at 0999727903 Victor Hugo.

Plus this guy seems motivated to sell so I think the price is probably negotiable.

Remember, like all these deals of the day, I have NO affiliation with the seller, you still have to do your OWN due diligence and title check, there may be a hidden reason its cheap.

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The nicest beach in Ecuador is…



“I didn’t know Ecuador had anything like this!” My Ecuadorian friend said upon arrival.

“Me neither,” I responded.

It was a couple weeks ago, and we had just arrived to BY FAR the nicest beach I’ve ever seen in Ecuador.


I know what you’re saying, where?

It’s small, and undeveloped, but I’ve visited over 80% of the Ecuador coastline and walked maybe 40%, and its the best.

Truely caribbean-esque white sand, turquoise water with nothing but palm trees in sight.

Portete is a small island just off shore a few kilometers south of Mompiche on the north coast of Ecuador about an hour or so south of Esmeraldas.

You park your car in a guarded lot and then catch a small motorized dingy a few minutes to the island. To your right you will be able to see the all-inclusive luxury resort De Cameron and straight ahead the palm-fringed islet.

You’ll think you were in the Caribbean, or southeast Asia as most Ecuador beaches don’t have this feel.

There are places to eat as you can see in the pic below by the shrimp lunch I had right on the beach there for $3, but to sleep I’d stay in nearby Mompiche where you can find decent rooms with AC and WIFI for around $15 per person.

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Pedernales beachfront lot for sale 920m2, $43k

pedernales-beachfront-real-estatePedernales beachfront lot for sale 920m2, $43k Negotiable. Right on the main Ecuador Coastal Realty road.  Lot goes from road to ocean.  Hard to beat beachfront even in Ecuador for under $40 per meter.  Call to learn about new home sales.

Jorge luis sanchez


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Getting water to your lot on the coast of Ecuador

Before we could even think about building anything here on the coast just south of Manta, Ecuador, we had to get water to the lot by hiring residential plumbing services who can build pipes inside the property.

Electricity can come later.

Like with most things in Ecuador, its usually either ridiculously easy or extraordinarily difficult making plumbing services a good choice to avoid this headache. for your luck we have the perfect plumbing service here.

Thankfully, this time it was easy.

Like usual in Ecuador, we asked our neighbors how they got water and found out there was a newly installed city line right near our property. Finally, it will be good to understand the factors that might affect, and what makes the best reverse osmosis system, if performance and value for money are important to you. The water softening process is accomplished by a chemical cation exchange that replaces the calcium and magnesium in your water with a equivalent number of sodium or potassium ions. During the softening process, your household water passes through the resin bed, and the magnesium and calcium contained in the water are removed. A given sized resin bed has a fixed capacity to remove hardness before it needs to be regenerated to full capacity in order to continue to provide softened water (for example, one cubic foot of resin has the ability to remove 32,000 grains of hardness from your water). When the resin bed is nearing exhaustion, the control valve washes the resin bed, and draws salt containing solution from the brine tank through the resin. As the salt contacts the resin bed, the process of ion exchange occurs, and the magnesium and calcium (hardness) that was collected in the bed during operation is washed to drain. After a final rinse to remove the excess salt, the resin bed is again ready to provide softened water.That is why you should use best descalers for good and healthy water.

Septic system function is very straightforward. Your homes plumbing is piped into a in-ground storage tank. When wastewater enters this tank, the heavier solids settle to the bottom. Bacteria present in the storage tank digest the solids, breaking it down to a liquid. After this process is complete, relatively clear water is discharged from the primary tank into a second holding tank or distribution box. Water then re-enters the surrounding soil through a drainage field consisting of perforated underground piping. If the septic system is ever clogged a septic tank pumping company needs to be contacted for assistance.

The expats near us were Ok with letting us plug in but said they invested to bring the line where it was so they asked us to chip in with a one time “tip” of $180.

We paid it, and with their blessings we plugged right in with our “T” as you can see in the pic.

No meters yet in this area of town but they will soon be installed so I´m told.


So for now the water is free.

In a previous property I owned south of here on the coast I was plugged into the city line and paid around $4 a month. Just one time I had to pay $26 since there was a leak, called the plumbing company to send someone to do the water leak repair and all went back to normal.

Gotta love Ecuador!

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Budget airline arrives in Ecuador, brings lower prices to USA: Get RT Miami-Quito under $400

VivaColombia is a budget airline based out of Colombia that just made getting to the US from Ecuador and vice versa a whole lot cheaper.

And not just once in a blue moon, pretty much anytime you want to go in 2015 you can find a roundtrip flight QUITO to USA (MIAMI) for around $400 with my below method.

I noticed chatting to guests at my hotel near the Quito airport, as of last month, April 2015, VivaColombia has upped its frequency of flights to a few a day (which has lowered the price) from Quito to Bogota.

So first, buy a Quito to Bogota round trip with Viva which is going for around $185 taxes included.

That´s cheap!

Then, use Spirit Air, another personally-preferred budget carrier, to get roundtrip from Bogota to Miami which I´m seeing start around $249 taxes included.

That´s $434 taxes included, roundtrip, everything.

This is currently the cheapest way I´ve seen to get from North America to Ecuador in 2015.

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