The biggest hidden danger when buying in an Ecuador coastal development

Many developments on the coast of Ecuador have an elephant in the room.

Can´t see it and they don´t mention it when trying to sell you their property.

It´s up to you to thoroughly research this before buying… as most developments DO have a big problem!

The WATER situation.

You see, on the Ecuador coast many developments get developed in areas with already precarious water situations, and the local governments don´t demand (like they do in places like the US) that the development invest to increase the capacity of the installations of the general area for the ballooning amount of people the area will hold once the development is finished.You can check out the pumps for the water level management here

So they don´t invest, and the situation gets even worse once populated and once you´ve already bought in!

I can live without electricity a few days(I´ve done it).  But try living without water for a day or two, it really sucks.  Yes, you can have cisterns as most do in Ecuador, but those only last a few days max, then you are dependent on the whims of expensive tanker trucks to come give you water on their schedule.

And yes, the price of water raises in times of need.

But there are some areas of the coast that really don´t have city water problems, and a few developments that have really planned ahead, although if you still have problems with water such as flooding, the use of restoration services could really help with this, you can learn more about Water Restoration USA and how to use these services to solve these issues.

I´d talk to folks already living there before buying and don´t buy anything you can´t see or whose value is based on promises (aka pre-construction) in Ecuador.  (That´s just how I feel.)

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