US vs Ecuador Healthcare.. A Sad Story

healthcare in ecuador

“Wow, that drug is like cocaine, it’s practically a narcotic.” The doctor said in Guayaquil.

“She’s had intense foot pain for years and that’s the medication the doctors in the USA had her on.” Her husband explained.

The Ecuadorian doctor just shook his head.

The women’s husband continued…

“The doctors in the US refuse to study a case, if your problem is not in their comfort zone they’ll just push you off to someone else, but in the land of lawsuits, I guess who can blame them, so they doped her up.”

Is that what our US system has come down to? Doping people up because they have a rare ailment that doctors refuse to go out on a limb on.

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That was the scene a week ago.

Yesterday, in our second visit with the orthopedic specialist in Guayaquil the scene got brighter.

As the lady with the foot trouble hobbled into the Doctors office with her husband and myself, the doctor showed us a book with what he believed to be the problem.

He had spent much of the last week studying the case.

He believed the rare problem to be a pinched nerve. He tested it by placing a shot directly into the lady’s nerve, numbing it, to see if that was the cause of the pain.

It was.

The lady was in disbelief! She was going to be able to walk without pain again, something she hadn’t done for years due to faulty doctors in the US.

In Ecuador, doctors are free to simply experiment and solve problems. Meanwhile, it’s obvious the US system is clearly broken.

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