What to do in Riobamba?


Where to stay in Riobamba?

Hotel Tren Dorado: Carabobo 22-35 Near the train station, a simple, clean option with rooms that start around $10 per person.

Hotel Los Shyris: Rocafuerte y 10 de Agosto In the city center with recently renovated rooms that start around $14 per person.

What to do in Riobamba?

– Hike the Chimborazo, the country’s highest peak.  Guides can be found in one of the several travel agencies like Veloz Coronado Expeditions Chile 33-21 y Francia

– Meander the Saturday crafts market near the Parque de la Concepcion.

– Board the famous train ride of El Nariz del Diablo.  $25, leaves 7am every Tuesday thru Sunday, Visit  The Ecuador train schedule for more.

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