5 Things You Need to Bring to Ecuador

Want to know a little secret about Ecuador?

Like you’ve read everywhere, yes, some things are VERY cheap in Ecuador… like food, gas, beer, housing, public transport.

Montanita Ecuador

But MANY things in Ecuador are hideously expensive.

Far MORE expensive than you’re used to in the States, often double the price or more.

So what should you buy in the US, and bring to Ecuador?

– Technology. iPhones, cell phones, lap tops, desk top computers, Play Station, GPS, digital cameras, iPads. All far cheaper in the US, often half the Ecuador price.

– Brand-name clothes and shoes. Nikes are about double the price in Ecuador and you’re never quite sure that what you’re buying is really ‘original’. Levis, forgetaboutit, expensive! Yes, you can find cheapy knock-off clothing from Chinese owned street stores in Ecuador, but the originals will cost you.

– Outdoor sport accessories. Like to fish? Mountain climb? Kayak? Golf? Camp? Hike? Yes, you can find all those sports and more in Ecuador, but their accessories cost double, sometimes triple of what you’d pay in the States (if you can even find them).

– Cars. Cars are grossly more expensive in Ecuador. For example, a new Honda Civic with automatic transmission costs over $30,000 USD. And importing cars into the country can be tricky and costly due to the high import tariffs and restrictions… luckily, next week I’ll share on this newsletter one loophole I recently discovered that will allow you to bring down any car you want, legally! For instance, this Honda hybrid car has great fuel consumption and interior space.

– Cosmetics, Perfumes. Women pay attention here cause brand-name cosmetics and perfumes are far more expensive in Ecuador than Stateside, bring what you can! For men, colognes are more pricey in Ecuador.

Now, this does create an enormous business opportunity.

Just last week I sold a new Blackberry I brought down from Panama for $100 more than paid.

I just posted it for sale online down here, one week, gone.

Heck, it can at least pay for a trip back home.

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