Ecuador deal of the day: $8,900 Puerto Cayo lot 100m to beach




Today I’ve got an interesting deal offered by a friend of mine in one of the top up-and-coming expat areas on the coast, and a place where I’ve invested too (so you can’t say I don’t put my money where my mouth is) Puerto Cayo.

Puerto Cayo is a quaint, safe fishing village about an hour south of Manta and 30 minutes north of Puerto Lopez.

There are islands just offshore making the ocean views really spectacular and arguably the best in Ecuador.

I met the seller of this lot, Chris a Canadian, about three years ago when he was renting my house in Manglaralto which I’ve since sold.  Since then he has purchased a few properties on the coast of Ecuador and has now decided to sell this one.

Its 212m2 and flat, good for building.  It has road access and is a short distance to both the main paved road of the coast and in the other direction the beach.  It is not beachfront but is a short 100 meter walk to the beach.

There is not an ocean-view from ground level but if you built a 2 story place with a rooftop terrace Im sure you could see the ocean from there.

He is normally asking a very reasonable $45 per m2 considering beachfront in the area is going for around $80-200m2.

So the total asking price is (45×216=) $9720.

But for three days starting today, Tuesday JAN 26, he has agreed to make a special offer to my subscribers for just $8900.

At the bottom of this email are pics.  the beach pic is of the beach out front but not from the lot directly. Contact Chris at Ecuador phone 0989273671 or email .  I have no affiliation with this property or seller so your own due diligence as always is important.


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160m2 lot 4 blocks from beach in Canoa, $7500

With todays deal I´d like to bring up an important point when looking for property on the coast of Ecuador.

While in many places lots that are front-line beachfront or with a nice view may have already risen in prices, you can still find lots in these same areas 2, 3, or 4 blocks from the beach dirt cheap, like this one, being offered now in Canoa, 160m2 (1722ft2) 4 blocks from the town center and the beach for $7500.

The lot is small but its still big enough to have a nice sized 2 story home, and you just might have a view from the second story.

I like Canoa, with the new bridge to Bahia and the new highways finished recently in the area the town has potential.

Plus, its already a tourist hot spot on the north coast and has surfing and hand-gliding (reasons for people to stick around).

With this lot in particular, being right in the town, and knowing Ecuador, I´d visit the lot at all hours and on a weekend to see how the noise level is. It may be fine, it may be too noisy, got to check!

If interested in this lot you can call the owner direct at 0999727903 Victor Hugo.

Plus this guy seems motivated to sell so I think the price is probably negotiable.

Remember, like all these deals of the day, I have NO affiliation with the seller, you still have to do your OWN due diligence and title check, there may be a hidden reason its cheap.

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$6k, Puerto Lopez- 320M2 land For Sale

Lot on hill facing the bay. Neighbors are foreigners. Land is ready to build on. Contact info: Louie and Katherine Villasaya
Magic jack 647-693-1176 Skype Lkvillasaya

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