The #1 Way Foreigners Overspend When Building A Home In Ecuador

A lot of foreigners will agree to one price per square meter on a new home build.

Start to finish. Turnkey.
And they overpay, usually in the six figures.


Hire just for the “grey job” first.

In the grey job is usually included the foundation, the columns, roof and walls. Of course all left in grey, and of course considering the walls are cement block (common in Ecuador) and the roof is the typical walk-able cement “losa”.

When finished then tell the builders “chao”. And proceed to find specialists for the other jobs regarding the house job by job.

For instance, for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house I’ve seen you can get the grey job done hiring this way for under $10k (just the labor fee, materials not included).

And be sure to pay for the job, not weekly. They will work lightning fast that way.

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