Tumbaco, Quito – Mini Spa / Resort 2 Family Homes, Pool, Gym, Steam Room… $625k

Mini Spa – Resort / 2 Casas, property in Collaqui, Tumbaco,

Here is a photo album with blue print house plans in the link below, Click here for more photos taken back in mid 2019- https://www.flickr.com/photos/13806688@N06/albums/72157676547817287
Sq. Meters details & rental income rates:

1)… (Casa #1) – square meter figures on Casa #1) is 400mt2, this was one of the original hacienda built in 2001.

1st floor- 90mtr 2br, 1 bath, -$450 p/m

 2nd floor- 4br, 4 bath – 200mtr – $700. p/m

 Huge bar bq recreation & mature fruit trees- common open area, and open – covered stainless steel kitchen- 110mtr. ———————————————————————-

2)… (Casa #2) –  ….. square meter figures on Casa #2) is also 400mt2, the 2nd house was built in ‘two’ phases, phase ‘One’ completed 2010 and phase ‘Two’ in 2013,

….a break down of the sq meters of the rental units-

3)…1st- floor 2br, 2 bath- 150mt2, / Gym rec. common area, pool, 80mtr.
1st Floor Apt. – $600.

4)…2nd floor 1br, 1 bath- 120mt2, $500.

5)…2nd floor 1br, 1bath- 80mt2, $400.
       -20mt2, patio common area- bar bq,

6)….Small 20mt2, suite in rear of the pool, pool house- $250. – —————————————————————————————-
A total of 6) rental units, 2) in the original house- constructed in year 2000,
and 4 units) in the new house finished construction in year 2013, including the suite in rear of the pool. The house has a beautiful big backyard with trees.

Total Lote Size: 2,300 m2.
200 m2 of land along the fence line – road frontage, was recently taken by the municipality in order to widen the road, and lay sewer pipes, sewer hook up was installed, this took place this past SAT 10 AUG 2019- & more paving of the road should occur later in early 2021, – Huge gardens, mature fruit trees, avocados, lemons, mandarins, has swimming pool – Jacuzzi – steam room, sauna – (asking $625,000. For both houses / NEGO)

Declaraciones Horizontales to divide the houses into 2 separate Lots / properties is in process, and will be completed by JUN 2021, and for the year model 2000 home with 1000m2 is asking $249,000 –
…and for the 2013 house on 1300m2 with – Gym – pool – jacuzzi – steam room, sauna – asking: $375,000. (NEGO)


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