Authentic Ecuador Experience: Bike 60 km Downhill from the Andes to the Mouth of the Amazon

For anyone visiting Ecuador that likes to bike ride, this one is a must!

Did you know you can ride 60 km downhill in one day (about 5-7 hrs) from high in the Andes to the mouth of the Amazon, then catch a bus with your bike back up?

mountain biking in Ecuador

Biking in Ecuador from Banos to Puyo, anyone can do it...

To begin, you need to go to Banos, a beautiful spa town about 4 hours from Quito. There, there are many locales where you can rent a bike for the day for around $5.

With the bike, you need to go to the main road and start your downhill journey (no tour guide needed).

80% is downhill, you will pass waterfalls, small pueblos and notice abrupt changes in the surrounding wildlife and vegetation. It is useful to take a poncho in case a sudden rainstorm hits.

Banos Ecuador

Just outside Banos Ecuador

The 60 km journey will end in Puyo, a town in the Amazon, where you can catch a bus for a few dollars back up to Banos, putting your bike under the bus. Puyo is located south of Tena and west of Yasuni National Park.

This is a MUST try for anyone who likes being outdoors and riding bikes!

Puyo Ecuador

The Mouth of the Amazon near Puyo Ecuador

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