Doms Guide to Ibarra

Where to stay in Ibarra?

Hotel Barcelona: Flores 8-51. This hotel is my pick for budget travelers, right where you want to be within walking distance of the market and a short taxi ride to most of the points in the town. Clean, safe, simple, large rooms in an old colonial starting around $10 per person.


Where to eat in Ibarra?

Id try the delicious crepes in the restaurant of the Hotel La Giralda.


What to do in Ibarra?

– Trout fish in the nearby lakes!

– Rent a bike and bike around Yaguarcocha Lake.

-Kayak in the nearby rivers (inquire more in the tourist info center at la Esquina del Coco. )



The extinct volcano Imbabura.



The streets of Ibarra, Ecuador.



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