Hunting in Ecuador …Possible?

Some of my fondest memories growing up were the days in November when my father took me pheasant hunting in northeast Ohio. After hunting in the mourning we would come home and watch the Cleveland Browns lose on TV. Good times.

Since moving to Ecuador a few years back, I have looked into the hunting possibilities in Ecuador, what I have found are a bunch of mixed answers…but many ask about it, so I’ll share what I know.

First off, Ecuador is still the wild west of hunting. There are no licenses, hunting seasons or regulatory agencies specifically dedicated to the topic. (From what I have found.)

It is very illegal to hunt in National Parks. Every year there always seems to be a few high-profile cases of people getting caught hunting in the parks.

You can hunt on private land, obviously if you get permission from the owner.

The best places to hunt in Ecuador, for me, are in the amazon region, or eastern third of the country.

In the Amazon, there are many people with large swaths of vacant land (100 hectares or more), of whom you can ask permission to hunt (or pay for the permission).

In the Amazon region, many hunt a cousin of the wild boar called “Tapir”. Some hunt deer as well, the deers of the jungle are smaller than the whitetails we usually see in the States laying on the sides of roads. As for specific rules on which animals you can kill or not, please inquire locally.

As for legally carrying or bringing guns to Ecuador, please refer to my next post…tomorrow…

If you have any comments or tips on hunting in Ecuador for our community, please share them in the comments below….thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Hunting in Ecuador …Possible?”

  1. We own a farm out near Pacto and hunt “guayusa” (sp?)which is in the family of the cuye. it is excellent meat. We also hunt a wild pig as well.

  2. I would be very interested in the hunting! Could you please contact me at svanajo (@)

  3. I would like to go bird hunting. I live in Quito and would be interested in a guided hunt. I had to leave my 12 gauge in the US when I moved here. So, I’d need a firearm.


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