The Humidity Index of Ecuador: Town by Town Comparisons

Humidity, some of us like it, most don’t. I personally love when the sheets stick to me back at night.

Here is a town by town comparison of the major towns and cities in Ecuador.

scale= 1-10 , 10 is very humid , 1 is not humid at all.

(The following is based on personal observations, if you don’t agree, please respond in the comments!)

Quito 2
Cotacachi 5
Otavalo 3
Ibarra 3
Cuenca 2
Azogues 2
Puyo 9
Banos 3
Ambato 2
Esmeraldas 7
Atacames 5
Pedernales 5
Canoa 5
Bahia de Caraquez 5
Crucita 5
Manta 6
Portoviejo 9
Puerto Lopez 6
Olon 6
Montanita 6
Salinas 5
Playas 5
Guayaquil 8
Machala 8
Loja 2
Vilcabamba 4
Zamora 7
Tena 8

Got more towns or areas to add? Please leave in the comments…

6 Responses to “The Humidity Index of Ecuador: Town by Town Comparisons”

  1. Molly says:

    I am enjoying the info – you mentioned the overcast days along the coast… I moved from Ohio to Florida for the SUN – (not so fond of the high humidity either place)… but do you have a sun index similar to this humidity one??

    I have a friend in Vilcabamba – have not thought of the sun factor – perhaps I am taking it for granted where I am now!

    Anyway – congrats on your website and info.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. admin says:

    OK Molly, please stay tuned, the Sun Index is coming! DOmenick

  3. Anna Cherkasskaya says:

    Hi Dominic,
    I am just back from a third coastal Ecuadorian trip (April, June and August), and love the idea of the index! However, I am surprised that you rate Salinas a “5” in comparison to Manta’s “6”- I found Salinas to be much more hot and humid than Manta– maybe it just happened to be the case when I was there?

  4. admin says:

    Hello Anna, they both are interchangable really…both places have a nice breeze from the ocean and are mild year round…depends on the day you are there a little bit too…! Saludos, domenick

  5. bilbow says:

    hi dom,
    am planning on a trip to cotacachi within next couple months. had some physical/psychological setbacks in the past year and am in dire need of “rejuvenation.” i’m also interested in investments. i’m retired and would like to put some oomph in my remaining years within my physical constraints. my wife might accompany me, but i doubt it. doesn’t make a difference.
    do you have any suggestions in the “rejuvenation” area, in particular, as well as investments. i am also a buckeye. any info would be greatly appreciated.

  6. admin says:

    Sure bilbow, come on down, lots to do down here, nothing like a new project to put some wind under your sails…domenick


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