The Complete Guide to Driving in Ecuador, Part 1


With plentiful and cheap buses and taxis, the great thing about Ecuador is that driving is truly not necessary, just a luxury.

But for those who dare to brave the other lane challenged Ecuadorian drivers, driving in Ecuador is really easier than you think.

All you need is a valid driver’s license from your home country, which is all you need while you are in the country on a tourist visa.

If you decide to stay in Ecuador as a resident, you will need to get a local, Ecuador drivers license. To get the license, you will need to go to the Jefatura de Transito in one of the major cities, take a written exam (no drivers test is needed if you have a license in another country) and fill out a few forms.

Actually, you could get by a while (Ecuador is laid back) in Ecuador driving with simply your license from the States or Europe. But if you were to know what you are owed after a car accident, you’d think of those rules to be a tad bit draconian.

Cars for sale and car prices can be seen on the popular local website, In Ecuador, car prices are a little higher than in the States, but the prices have dropped considerably in recent years.

For example, a new, compact Chevrolet Spark starts around $10,000.

If you were thinking about importing your car, if it is used, you are not permitted…if it is new, you can, but it is best to do so once you are a legal resident to avoid paying high import tariffs.

For a breakdown of what car insurance you need to drive in Ecuador and the costs, check back for part 2 of this article tomorrow…thanks, Dom

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