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Hi There ,

Ill be grateful to get some solid answers, lots of questions here , but very few real answers.. :

What is the construction cost for a 100sqm average+ quality 1 story home?
( mas o menos ofcourse)

What is the % of cost for each construction-part –> base, walls, roof, electric, plumbing, windows and doors, labor etc ( the more detail you can give the better) .

What are the most recommended building materials to use in Ecuador ?

Are Adobe ( mud ) bricks commonly used in higher rainfall areas such as Banos for example , do you recommend this material ?

Thank you ,

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This is not an easy question to answer for many reasons..its kind of like asking how much a blue car is..different makes, models and quality all will effect the price you pay. What might be average quality to you may be high or low quality to me.
Here in Ecuador I find no real set of criteria for building especially for structural. Ecuador is prone to shakes which means you should build seismically which I don’t find here very often…then there is the area you are building and the availability of materials, where they might have to come from, transportation costs, machine rental costs, etc and the list can go on and on.

Your question of the percentage of each construction parts is to vague to answer without knowing the materials you wish to use…if you want to build to USA standards it is more costly than not doing so.

Building materials can vary greatly depending on the area and I might suggest if you have a particular area in mind such as Banos you ask some expats that live there to get you in touch with a builder that can answer that for you. There is not one builder or architect that normally builds in all areas of Ecuador…most specialize in their areas.

One thing you will get here are low ball prices for construction and then get nickel and dimed to death…I see it all the time so its best to have a good relationship with your builder…get references, go and see what they have built…visit what they are building for others etc. Prices will be all over the board but the reality is, if you want your home to last and be of sufficient quality to stand the test of time, and the elements you are going to have to be much more specific to get a correct price. Talk to an architect and let them know the quality of materials you want…they can guide you when they are designing your home.


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Id say you should bet on $300-350 per square meter of construction, but it can be a lot cheaper on the coast than in the highlands and of course it depends on the type of materials you use. Dom

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If you use Maestros and manage the construction yourself you are looking at 300-350 a meter on the south coast. However, having been through it its very hands on and requires multiple trips around the country to buy materials. Its also very unorganized and hard to determine the true cost of the project prior to construction.

I’m currently bidding out projects to Builder/Architects and am seeing anything from 425-750 a meter, depending on how highend and how big the project is.

If anyone has or is a builder/architect they can recommend in the Montanita area please get in touch with me, I have a lot of work on the horizon.

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You are not going to get a home of any quality in that price range unless you build completely native. If you are looking to build it yourself you might (I stress..MIGHT) be able to build for $350 to $450…and the higher quality will preclude you building a home for much less per M2, unless you are going split bamboo etc. You will not build anything in that range in concrete and steel. In the highlands around Quito it is normal to pay from $750 to over $1000 M2 for higher quality homes. There is a study put out every year on low, medium and high end construction and the costs. This year, low was $550-$600, medium was $650 to $750 and high was $900 to $1200 per M2. Costs on the coast are generally higher than in the highlands depending on what area of the coast. The further out you go the more costly it becomes simply because of transport.


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thank you friends — very good answers , yet stil confusing.. the amount of info on the net is surprizingly very limited. the prices you’ve mentioned is all over the place…
what about adobe / cob houses/ construction ?– it is cheeper and greener and a way i could do much more work on my own .

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