Hey Dom…What’s the Weather like Day to Day on the Coast?

Great question.

The weather on the coast of Ecuador is sunny, with bluebird days almost every day from the end of December until the beginning of April. From mid April to mid December, the skies are overcast most days. The temperature doesn’t really change year-round, staying around a mild yet warm 72-82 F.

The humidity is low, due to the comfortable breeze blowing constantly off the ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is similar to the Pacific coast in Mexico or California. The water is a little darker than it is in the Caribbean. The water temperature is OK to swim without a wetsuit, but for long periods in the water, some surfers use a half wetsuit.

Rain on the coast is a rare commodity, but some areas get much more rain than others. For example, the Manta area is rather dry, but from Puerto Lopez to Montanita it can get rather wet in the cloudy season.

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2 Responses to “Hey Dom…What’s the Weather like Day to Day on the Coast?”

  1. Charlotte says:

    I see you are from Ohio; I’m from Cleveland myself, but moved south 15 years ago. My husband and I are seriously considering retiring to Ecuador in the next couple of years–some place cheap as our retirement funds are somewhat limited. Our preference at this point is on or near the beach, but we haven’t ruled out Quito. There’s a possibility I might want to teach English and Quito would probably afford more opportunities than a beach location. We would like to get in touch with some expats in Ecuador for first-hand information about life there. Where can I find some people to write?
    Appreciate your help,
    Charlotte Sheraden

  2. admin says:

    hey charlotte, good question, i would try the Yahoo Groups …search for “Ecuador Expats” saludos, Dom


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