Crackdown on Foreigners Caused by “Drug Submarine” Find

Within the last month, a mini-airplane and a mini-submarine presumed to be used for drug-running were found in the south of Ecuador on different unrelated occasions.

ecuador drug submarine

The plane was found secretly stashed in San Pablo, near Salinas on the coast.

The Sub was found on an uninhibited mangrove covered island near Guayaquil… Puna Island.

The two finds have caused a notable crackdown on particularly foreigners in the region, with police boarding buses and asking to see documentation, not just from foreigners, but everyone on the bus.

This is a rare sight in Ecuador and may not last long, but be sure you have your passport on you and your visa situation in order before traveling in Ecuador at the moment or you may be “detained” as one officer told me who was revising my documents.