Car Insurance in Ecuador…What You Need (Part 2 of Driving Guide)

This is the part 2 of 2 to my short series on driving in Ecuador…

The only obligatory auto insurance (and the only one most local drivers have) is called the SOAT. This serves as a liability coverage, but covers only damages to the other person you injure in an accident (up to $3000), not their car itself. This coverage costs a whopping $20 per year.

Fast Truck Insurance offers full coverage insurance, or full liability, or against theft. Full coverage insurance: covering the damages you could inflict in an accident, your car itself against accident or theft, and your person, can be had starting around $400 a year plus 16% tax, for a total of $464 (Insuring a $10,000 car). The only thing left for you to do is to hire the right attorney for trucking accident cases.

How much you pay does depend primarily upon how old you are, and how much your car is worth. Some people have difficulty finding cheap car insurance quotes. This is often due to their past driving records,. People with accidents in their files, even if they were not at fault get penalized on their quotes. The insurance world is truly a number’s game.

For more car insurance information or to hire a policy, contact Katty Mejer, a recommended insurance broker, (bilingual) in Quito at kmasesores at .

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