Common Used Car Mileage Scam in Ecuador Revealed

Before you buy a car in Ecuador, read this and proceed with caution.

Buying a car in a foreign country is an adventure in and of itself, but doable if you keep a few things in mind.

First off, know that prices for cars tend to be higher than those in the US, and to find the best deals, you must go directly to the dealers who provide buy here pay here that import the make of the vehicle you wish.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that in Ecuador, many, many people adjust the kilometer (mileage) meter on the car so it appears the car has much less mileage on it than it really has.

Yes, this is illegal, like in the States, but not enforced, and very common.

In fact, many locals don’t even see this as ethically wrong. So that car you just bought with 10,000 km actually has 60,000.

For this reason alone, I would not buy a used car in Ecuador, unless it was of a friend, period.

The best way to find the hottest deals on new cars is currently on the internet. The two most popular sites for shopping for cars in Ecuador, to see prices and the like, are and

Most locals find the car they desire on these sites, get the phone number of the dealer offering the car and reach out to them in person or via telephone to further the purchase. It is obviously not advisable to purchase a car you have not checked out in person.

As always, welcome to Ecuador.

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