Part 4 Ecuador Photo Diary Series: Ayampe

Ayampe is a small town on the coast of Ecuador, just north of Montanita and just south of Puerto Lopez…beautiful, virgin, enjoy…your host, Dom…

La Tortuga beachfront hotel-cabana in Ayampe Ecuador

La Tortuga beachfront hotel-cabana in Ayampe Ecuador

ayampe ecuador beach

the beach in ayampe

ayampe ecuador real estate

ayampe ecuador real estate is still a great buy...

ayampe ecuador surf

ayampe ecuador surf...nice waves and few surfers, what more could you ask?

ayampe ecuador cabanas

ayampe ecuador on a typical lazy day

4 Responses to “Part 4 Ecuador Photo Diary Series: Ayampe”

  1. Jim and Laurie says:

    Hello, My husband and I have look at alot of places of the coast of Ecuador, and fell in love with Ayampe!We are getting our house ready to sell,and we are planning a trip to Ecuador A.S.A.P. SO what we are wanting to know is there any real estate on the coast of Ayampe or surrounding areas. Please let us know,very excited it seem to be just the place were looking for. Love the ocean and the sun but we do not like alot of people.Anyhow if you could help us out we would be very thankful for your time,again Thanks. Jim and Laurie , cold Michigan

  2. admin says:

    Sure, in Ayampe there are several lots for sale at good prices still, email me for more info….suerte, dom

  3. joaquin says:

    Me gustaria saber si hay alguna forma de saber los precios de lotes, casas, etc en Ayampe y alrededores. Muy interesado en comenzar algun emprendimiento en esa zona. Agradezco su tiempos. Si dios quiere en Enero estoy por ahí para ver que pasa.

  4. Kevin Demers says:

    Hey Dominic.

    Really enjoying your reports regarding real estate as well as your other views and opinions regarding Ecuador. I am living in Cuenca and have been here for about 2 years. But the cities charm is wearing off very quickly, and i am looking for another place to call home. My roommate and I are looking at the coast, preferably around Puerto Lopez. Right now, Ayampe is peaking my interest. Also, Puerto Cayo looks interesting. I am a Canadian expat and I am here on the Investors Visa. We are planning a trip over there in the next week or two. Oh yeah, and we are toying with the idea of what we sense is a needed service, and that would be a BnB…..Drop me a line and tell me if i am crazy or not. thanks Dom……


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