How to trade stocks online from Ecuador

“Wow, that’s cool.” I thought as a young expat in Medellin, Colombia.

I had just met a guy who lives off day trading while traveling the world.

“Must be nice,” I thought.

Since then my path has taken me more towards starting businesses and investing in real estate abroad.

But during the market dip of this past week I decided it was time to get in on some online stock trading.

But from Ecuador, or anywhere outside the US and Canada, signing up for the service can be a challenge.

You can’t just create an account online and away you go.  These sites usually block the sign up function from third world countries (even with a VPN).

I tested various services, and I found eTrade the most willing to work with me to set up an account from Ecuador.

I could not sign up online through their site, I had to CALL in to sign up.  That was the key.  I then connected a US bank account, and within one day I was trading online.

The trades go in within seconds and I’ve found the platform VERY easy to use for my average tech skills.  For instance, I’ve been doing Facebook for years but Instagram and SnapCHat and these other newer things are still a bit over my head.

As for my personal trading strategy…

I’m not telling you what to do, just stating what I’m doing, take it or leave it.  I´m no pro, in fact, a beginner.  But right now, I’m focusing on Marijuana stocks as every time Marijuana is legalized somewhere these stocks are jumping, and that seems to be the North American trend now.

Plus, I plan to play specific events that hit otherwise good companies that I think they can rebound from, like the Equifax hack a few months ago (stock dipped like 20% in a day, then slowly rebounded over the following weeks).

All in all, I look at this as one way to make a little money on the side from anywhere in the world… so why not?

The ONLY way to buy big ticket items in Ecuador

I’ve lived in Ecuador over 5 years now.

But just recently it hit home what I’m about to share with you today as to how I learned how to buy big ticket items (like cars or real estate) through the selling of my car to Ecuadorians.

Maybe its similar in any less developed country.

Its VERY important whenever you buy something high value high price in Ecuador to establish a price in your head you think its worth after shopping around… and THEN offer a price WAY below that at times would be maybe by half or less.

TEST: If you feel uncomfortable offering such a low price because it would be a steal then you are on the right track.

From there you can always work up little by little.  That’s the only way you can ensure you paid the lowest possible price.

I’ve noticed Ecuadorians have no shame in applying this strategy and neither should you when selling or buying big ticket items here!

A quick property flip opportunity in Guayaquil

As you may know I manage apartment rentals in Guayaquil(Ecuador) near the airport and Mall del Sol area.

I know what you’re thinking… “yuck! why Guayaquil?”

Well, its THE commercial hub of Ecuador and I’ve found it to be the TOP place “bang for your buck” wise to own rental properties.

And in the last year alone I’ve sold one property and bought another.

So my name is out there.

And this week I got a call from a contact on an unlisted deal for a one bedroom one bath suite in a luxury building with elevators and a pool.

The owner is a bit distressed at the moment because they never titled the suite in their name and they have only until the end of this month (February) to do so or the builder will take the suite back.

So its a fire sale.

She can sell the suite, title it in her name spending a few thousand dollars which she may not have, or lose it.

The place is sold furnished and the price is lower than I’ve ever seen since I started working the area 2 years ago.

Its also in the same building where I currently own a property (but I paid more).

She’s asking $67,000 but in the building I’ve seen similar suites sell for around $85k, if you wanted to sell it fast (within 1-3 months) $79k would do.

Plus, due to the stellar location, its a great rental, could rent by the night through a service like AirBnb (I could help) or rent by the month as they go for around $800/month.

On Wednesday I plan to visit the property.

I will probably buy it although I was not planning on buying another one for now but at this price can’t pass it up.  Unless one of you are interested in which case I would charge a finders fee and let you in on it if you like.