1 Setback for Sport-lovers Living in Ecuador

sports in ecuador
This was the scene yesterday for the world cup semi-finals match in a mall in Quito.

In Ecuador, like in most of South America, the favorite sport is soccer, the second favorite sport is…soccer, and the third favorite sport is, well, soccer.

That can be a problem if you are like me and love American Football, Baseball and Basketball!

Ecuador still has a severe lack of good sports bars that show international sports.  There are a few (but in my opinion they are rather weak and don’t often have many of the games I want to watch).

For instance, just recently, I tried to catch the NBA playoffs but I had zero luck until the NBA Finals appeared.

Yes, there is Direct TV and cable but even that in Ecuador seems to lack many American sporting events.

You could also try catching games online at sites like ustream.tv or
TVChannelsFree.com but if you have a typical Ecuadorian, slow internet connection like mine it is impossible to watch live video on the net.

It is possible, if you are willing to pay, to get NFL or NBA packages through DirectTV, similar to the states.

But all in all, I hope one of you reading this seizes the opportunity and puts a good solid American sports bar in Quito or Guayaquil!

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2 thoughts on “1 Setback for Sport-lovers Living in Ecuador”

  1. Hey i was looking for sports bar on google and read your piece. I am trying to watch the nfl playoffs, Chiefs vs Ravens game, was wondering if you found any? In Guayaquil?

  2. Guayaquil is tough. You can try the sports bars in Mall San Marino in Fridays but not sure if they’ll have it.

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