An ambulance ride in Ecuador

ambulances in ecuador

“Jeeze, that was some crazy sh*t.” I thought as I sat in an ambulance on the coast of Ecuador this week.

I started to recollect what happened as I sat next to the nurse looking down at my friend as the ambulance sped along.  if you waited to seek medical care for your injuries sustained in the Arizona car accident, the insurer may argue that you must not have been injured that bad. You can check over here for more information about car accident lawyer. visit the link below for more information about injury. No matter how well a construction site is organized and run, there will always be lots of danger for the workers who are on location. If you are injured, and if another person’s negligence was the cause of that injury, arrange at once to consult with an experienced Oakland personal injury attorney at Geonetta & Frucht, LLP. No matter what precautions you take as an individual, or that all of the organizations on the construction site take as a collective, you are exposed to many different hazards throughout the day, no matter what your role is on the site. for more details about accident attorney goto url and you will get the details information about the construction accident attorney. Then check this link right here now for slip and fall attorney. McAllen Car Accident Attorney is a Award-winning attorneys who provide honest and aggressive representation.


Moments earlier we were on the construction site of where I was in the last day or two of completing 3 tiki huts or “cabañas” on the southern coast of Ecuador.

In the final moments of the day, the lead builder was cutting a piece of wood for the balcony of one of the huts with an electric saw when… “zip” it kicked back and caught him in the shirt,

I was about 30 feet away so I saw it all go down.

At first, his look was of shock, then relief as he thought he missed getting knicked, then as he checked his shirt he realized there was a hole in it.

He lifted up his shirt and … wow… he saw the 6 inch slice in the side of his belly exposing his fat and underneath, different color things that I confirmed later were in fact his intestines.

I had never seen a cut like that.

He waved me over and grabbed my shoulder while another worker took his other shoulder and we walked quickly to the nearby clinic while he held his side. It was conveniently only 1 block or so away, still the company didn’t have insurance and is one of the cases where an accident attorney could be really of help. And so, I called up some attorneys from right after we reached the clinic. The best  lawyers of sugar land criminal defense lawyer can help you locate all potentially liable defendants so you’re able to recover the maximum amount of damages for your injury. If you find yourself in a position where you need a criminal defense attorney, a DWI Attorney, Fort Bend Drug Possession Lawyer, or have been charged with another crime, you need to think fast. Your future is in your hands, so you should ensure you choose the best Las Vegas, NV 89147, USA lawyer to fight your case.

Once inside we went to the emergency room where he quickly got taped up. The small clinic had to air ambulance him to the nearest hospital with surgeons that could stitch him up.

Once we finished the almost hour long ambulance ride he went into surgery, where he stayed for the next 3 hours.

He had to spend the night in the hospital but by the next day he could walk out of there.

He will have to stay off his feet for a couple weeks but the docs said he didn’t cut anything vital, so he should be OK soon.

The total bill from the hospital stay, surgery and ambulance ride = $0 (It was a public, free hospital.)

A few things I learned from the incident:

– Ecuadorian construction sites are VERY hazardous places, don’t just meander through them like you would a park. Proceed with caution, heads up!

– When hiring workers off the street and managing a project yourself you not only have to police them to be sure they’re working, but also to be sure they’re working safely. For instance my worker (and friend) was cutting a board horizontally in the air when he shouldn’t have AND he was looking away from where he was cutting. As well, the nurse at the hospital said construction accidents are quite common but the most common is when workers fall great distances, so the use of personal injury lawyers are useful in these cases, and sites like offer the best professionals in this area.

– Most public, free hospitals in Ecuador are in fact pretty good and can be relied upon in time of need. Just be sure someone is there that can run to a nearby farmacy and buy you medicines as the doctors ask for them.

– The tool he was using wasn’t mine, but don’t lend Ecuadorian workers your fancy power tools that you may have brought from the US, they will probably say they know how to use them when they really don’t. Let them build how they know how to build.

– I knew this already listening to stories from other people in Ecuador, that’s why I had one of the workers stay back at the job site when the accident happened, but also got help from different articles online about this and how to get a legal defense for this, you can learn More about the author in these sites online. But in time of emergency don’t abandon valuables, some sly locals will seize the opportunity to rob you, it’s sad but it’s how it works in poor countries sometimes.

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