12-VIII Volunteer Visa Requirements Ecuador

 12-VIII Volunteer Visa Requirements Ecuador

12-VIII Volunteer Visa Requirements Ecuador (12-VIII INTERCAMBIO CULTURAL)

1.- Signed petition letter directed to the head of the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores which states how long youd like to stay in Ecuador and why.

2.- Signed Application Form with passport photo.

3.- Passport with at least 6 months valid remaining with copies of the entry stamp, ID page and current visa.

4. Notarized copy of the exchange agreement.

5. Agreement that the party involved is willing to work for free.

6. Description of the project.


8. Notarized copy of the authorization by the Ecuador government that institution has to work under.

9. Notarized copy of the ESTUTOS.

10. Written obligation of entity to handle exit costs of volunteer if need be.

All documents should be translated if in language other than Spanish.

Valid: Maximum 2 years (renewable).

Application fee: $30 USD
Visa fee: $200 USD

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